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Oct 31, 2022


Hannah Gramling is a real estate agent in Fort Worth, TX. She is passionate about working with first-time homebuyers and partnering for purchase success. When she isn't working, you can find her traveling, walking the trails, or on a patio with friends!

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Oct 28, 2022


Lora Wejnert is a real estate agent in northern New Jersey. She truly loves helping home buyers buy their first home and making home ownership a reality. A wife & momma to 3 and a newer dog momma she loves decorating, diy’ing, crafting, and watching tv.

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Oct 26, 2022


Jonathan Lawless is the Head of Home Ownership at Bilt Rewards, a loyalty program that lets renters earn points just by paying rent. He’s a previous executive with Fannie Mae and knows just about everything related to mortgages. He lives in DC with his wife and two kids, plays music, and is a sign...

Oct 24, 2022


Emily Maglothin is a real estate agent in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Born and raised in Northern Michigan, Emily moved to Grand Rapids a little over 7 years ago. She loves helping people buy homes and her promise to her clients is to always keep things on track, and above all else, provide excellent...

Oct 21, 2022


Alfredo Sabal is a Realtor that works in Houston Texas. He likes to work with buyers and sellers and has been in the business for the last 5 years. When he is not working he likes to ride his bikes.

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